Galaxia is a libre project and its source code is available in a Mercurial repository hosted in Bitbucket. Although Galaxia has several components, the process to contribute to the development of any of them is the same. Any person with an account in Bitbucket can contribute.

Basically, the process of contributing consists of submiting patches to the project:

  1. Submit an issue you want to solve or comment on an existing one expressing your intention to solve it.
  2. Clone the project repository.
  3. Add changes to solve the issue.
  4. Submit a patch to the project for revision and inclusion.

The following steps describe how to contribute a patch.

  1. Report an issue to the issue tracker or comment on an existing one expressing your intention to solve it. The issue can be a bug, a proposal or a task describing in detail something that should be done to make any of the Galaxia components better.

  2. The issue is discussed to make it more clear and determine if it is worth solving it.

  3. If the issue is valid, clone the project source to start working on the issue.

    $ hg clone ssh://
  4. Start making changes to the source files. Should you have any question while doing this, ask in the page of the issue you are solving.

  5. Once you are done with your changes, be sure to update the following files as well when applicable:

    • docs
    • NOTES
    • README.text
  6. Add to version control any new files you created:

    $ hg add
  7. Create the patch. The file name should match the ID number of the issue you are solving:

    $ hg diff > 1234.diff
  8. Attach the patch to the page of the issue for review.