Promotional art


These are images that can be posted on blogs and other Web sites to help promote gNewSense. They could be linked to the Release page provided by Galaxia.

A pilot in front of gNewSense desktop looking at the sky

You’re the pilot! II

A siluete of a pilot with stars in the background

You’re the pilot! I

Three persons staring at gNewSense logo

Stop staring, go grab it, it’s libre!

Download buttons

Right click on the button image you want to use and select “Save image as...”.

Download button to use on gNewSense Web site Download button to use on external Web site

Release page

Galaxia includes a single, static HTML page that can be used as a landing page with information about gNewSense release. It’s located in galaxia/promotional/release-page directory and can be installed in any Web server.

Release page mock-up

Release page mock-up